What I Offer

  • I offer Czech lessons for foreigners.
  • I also speak English and Portuguese.
  • I focus primarily on one-to-one private lessons or up to two students at once.
  • Having personalised lessons helps you to achieve your goal faster, better, and is tailored to your individual needs.
  • You are investing  your time and money effectively rather than having group lessons which limit the amount of time an instructor can give to individual students.
  • My lessons are dynamic and interactive.
  • I use a wide range of resources such as PowerPoint, Google doc, interactive teaching websites, my own material, games, and coursebooks (Čeština expres or Krok za krokem).

Why study with me?

  • Taught at 7 language schools.
  • Have had more than 60 private students.
  • Experience teaching multiple ages, from children to adults.
  • Experience working with foreigners in an international environment and living abroad as an expat myself.

  • Affordable price.


Raquel Albano, São Paulo

I have been taking private Czech lessons with Veronika since March 2021. I had already tried to study Czech in language schools, where classes were in groups and with teaching strategies more focused on teaching the grammatical rules of the language. These classes weren’t that motivating for me, and I ended up dropping out after a while.

For me, the difference in classes with Veronika is that they are dynamic and more focused on conversation. Of course, you can’t get away from grammar, which is extremely important in the Czech language, but Veronika teaches in an uncomplicated way, always following her own pace. I also really like the different materials she prepares for classes: in addition to the textbook, she always brings online activities, texts on current affairs, music… With this way of teaching and this more dynamic structure of the classes, I remain interested and motivated to continue learning Czech, no matter how challenging that language is.

Karla Correa, Belo Horizonte

I had classes with Veronika during the period when she lived in Brazil, and I really liked it. I improved my English for travel which was important to me because I travel a lot. Also she was always very punctual, organized and didactic. I highly recommend her as a teacher.

Luana Alves, Belo Horizonte

Veronika is organized, attentive to her students and has an excellent teaching method. During the two years of my studies, my English level improved. Her specialty is that she doesn’t teach everyone the same way, but adapts to the needs of the student, which is why Veronika was my best teacher.

Thais Ferraz Costa, Belo Horizonte

My name is Thais and I studied with Veronika in Brazil. She´s patient, polite, humorous and an excellent lecturer. I loved the time I spent learning English with her. She made me enjoy the language and helped me a lot with my growth. She´s the best teacher I have ever had. I highly recommend her work.