About Me

I’ve always been interested in exploring the world. I was fortunate to live abroad for a long time, which gave me the opportunity to study, get to know a foreign culture, and most importantly, interact with foreigners. It was a deeply enriching experience for which I am forever grateful.

My first international adventure was in England (of course, like all real Czechs I had been to Croatia before), where I studied English and worked for 6 years. Later on, I had the chance to go to Brazil, a country which I never imagined I would ever go to, maybe because it was so exotic and so far away. However, I had nothing to lose and everything to gain. So the decision was easy.

Never having studied Portuguese, my first months in Brazil were quite challenging, but as time passed I started to understand Portuguese better and things got easier. Not long after, I was offered a position teaching English at a Brazilian language school, so obviously I jumped at the chance. That’s where my teaching journey started. I went through various English language schools where I gained practical and theoretical experience. When I felt comfortable with the Portuguese language, I decided to study International relations at university there. I came to realize that the educational environment was the place where I wanted to be.  As a full-time university student, I had to divide my teaching time between language school and private students. It was during this time that I began giving private lessons in Czech language. I have been teaching Czech to foreigners from all over the world since 2019.

Now back in the capital city of my lovely country, I would like to use my previous experience to help you learn Czech.

My practical and theoretical experience with teaching​


Certificate online: Roleplays in modern language classroom by Wocabee


Extensive course online - How to teach foreigners Czech accredited by Ministry of Education, Youth and Sports


Teaching Czech to foreigners since 2019

2011 - 2019

Teaching English (groups lessons at language schools, individual lessons)


TKT: CLIL: Content and Language Integrated Learning


Cambridge certificate for teachers: TKT – teaching knowledge test
Module 1 – Background to language learning and teaching
Module 2 – Lesson planning and use of resources for language teaching
Module 3 – Managing the teaching and learning process